MoToLi: Improving Literacy with Digital Tools

MoToLi is a suite of applications, developed by et4d, that focuses on improving literacy by teaching reading in local languages using technology. It includes 3 applications, which cover teachers and students needs for reading instruction, evaluation and practice.
MoToLi Learn is an application that teaches reading in local languages with a phonic pedagogy. MoToLi helps children learn to read by creating an atmosphere of fun and curiosity. It can be used individually, in small groups, or in the classroom for the entire class.
MoToLi Score is an application that can assess reading acquisition and estimate reading fluency -number of words read per minute- using a multiple choice digital test. This method enables diagnostic testing and screening to be done in the classroom, and it can also be implemented on a larger scale for program monitoring and national assessment.
MoToLi library is an application that enables writers to easily create storybooks appropriate to early grade reading. The stories can be shared; schools or library can set-up a digital repository, where the books can be stored and printed on demand.