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Mother Tongue Literacy for ages 5 and up.
Customizable for any language. Any culture. Anywhere .

Around the globe, thousands of children are reading in their mother tongue thanks to MoToLi, an engaging and effective literacy app that puts the world in a child’s hands.
MoToLi 4.0 is a self-directed reading and math app for use by children 5 and older alone, in small groups, or in the classroom — customizable for any language and any culture.
A product of Education Technology for Development (ET4D), MoToLi is a lean, nimble open-source app already available in Khmer, Swahili, and English. MoToLi is administered by ET4D, which assists governments and NGOs by providing the following:
  • Curriculum analysis: If a local curriculum exists, ET4D determines how well it is working.
  • Curriculum design: If no local curriculum exists, ET4D creates one, building the sequence and customizing the app for the local language.
  • Software adaptation: As a mother tongue literacy app, MoToLi is adaptable to any phonetic language. ET4D customizes the program, working with local experts as necessary.
  • Program evaluation: Tracking literacy progress is a key to improving the program and serving the young learners best. ET4D performs regular analysis of MoToLi’s effectiveness as measured against Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).
With MoToLi, the world’s most vulnerable children can build reading and math skills that will change their lives.
All in the language they already speak.
All in an app. All in their hands.

The MoToLi Library:
Where Reading Is Its Own Reward

MoToLi’s children earn culturally relevant illustrated storybooks as they complete program levels. And they can listen to our audiobooks long before they have learned to read them—providing them with one of childhood’s great pleasures.
Already, MoToLi’s open source library offers 178 books in English and 157 books in Swahili. New languages will bring new translations, and more stories are being added all the time via an open source Creative Commons license
A teacher, parent or sibling, or older peer to read to the MoToLi user—a special treat for new learners!
Scoring points, receiving toys, and other gaming-oriented rewards are no match for attaining the skill itself. There’s no need to trick children into learning to read. Reading is its own reward.