About the Founder

MoToLi is the brainchild of Isabelle Duston, a French polyglot with an MBA from ESCP Europe currently living in Virginia.
A serial entrepreneur, Isabelle started a tech company that created apps for the iPhone in 2006, soon after moving to the United States with her family. Her first app—a cookbook based on family recipes—was translated into 20 languages and sold 500,000 copies.
With the proceeds, Isabelle turned her attention to a cause close to her heart: International development. In 2010, she founded with a mission to provide educational opportunities for the world’s most financially disadvantaged people. Open source resources are part of her personal mission and also the focus of her nonprofit, iLearn4Fun.
With the evolution of smart phones and tablets, Isabelle kept wondering: Was the secret to international literacy really right there in the palm of her hand?
In 2017, the $15 million xPrize Global Learning Competition selected MoToLi as a semifinalist in its quest to find the most effective education app for children in developing nations.

The xPrize: An Opportunity to Change the World

In 2017, MoToLi was selected as a semifinalist in the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE competition, which seeks an educational app fit can test and deploy to children in developing nations. The MoToLi team, Education Apps for All, now includes a developer, designer, and growing number of reading and international development experts from 12 different countries—all of whom share the xPrize’s goal of “an empowered generation that will positively impact their communities, countries, and the world.
By 2017, thanks to the MoToLi Mother Tongue Literacy App, thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children have the skill—and the joy—of reading. Can an app change the world? With MoToLi, the answer is yes.
Our Team
The MoToLi team comprises experts from 12 nations, including reading and curriculum specialists, technologists and web developers, and project managers. They share the passionate belief that innovative solutions can improve education in developing nations, where it is critically needed. Our team is committed to delivering a culturally-conscious solution designed by educators who have been trained in best practices for effective reading, literacy, and numeracy pedagogy.