Mother Tongue Literacy for ages 5 and up.
Customizable for any language. Any culture. Anywhere.

Mother Tongue Literacy. It’s How Children Learn.
Learning to read the language they speak is exciting for children. No matter how many cool things our apps can do—the coolest are those that build fluency. That’s why we defer to our education experts in how young minds become literate. When they said no flying letters or drag-and-drop, we listened. The result is a fun, gamified interface that keeps the focus on learning.
MoToLi 4.0. Seven years of iteration have resulted in an app proven to increase children’s learning in field tests in some of the world’s most impoverished countries—places where children have little or no access to primary school.
Self-directed. No teacher—or Internet connection—necessary. Any child 5 or older can jump right in and begin learning. Each skill level features an explicit teaching module followed by ample practice for each level included in the skill map. Children progress organically—following the simple-to-complex skill progression of research-based systematic reading instruction our international team of literacy education experts recommends.
Game-style rewards—only better. Like the gaming apps children enjoy, MoToLi has rules to follow, specific targets to reach, and a reward system. As children build each skill, they get to select an illustrated recorded book that is theirs to keep.
All in the language they already speak.
All in an app. All in their hands.

MoToLi’s Reading and Math Pedagogy

Best practices for literacy instruction based the latest research and our participation in numerous USAID trainings have led to documented success.
As new reading experts join our team, their fresh eyes and knowledge have allowed MoToLi to evolve. Distracting features borrowed from gaming were substituted for simpler ones that kept children’s eyes on the prize: Learning to read.
Our beta testing has ended, and we have deployed and updated two versions since.
Reading. To bring children to fluency in their mother tongue, MoToLi systematically teaches the building blocks of reading as measured by the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), considered the gold standard for testing. Teaching videos augment the trial-and-error style of the exercises, framing each one and assisting learners who may take information in better by hearing than by seeing.
The app sequences reading skills as follows:
  • Letter name (lowercase first, and then uppercase)
  • Letter sound
  • Blending sound—syllables
  • Words
  • Decodable text
  • Dictation
  • Vocabulary and comprehension
Writing. We include both tracing of letters and numbers and spelling.
Math. Our math pedagogy comprises three phases:
  • Shapes, which reinforce pattern recognition and the learning of letters.
  • Numbers.
  • Operations—first with small numbers, then with larger ones
Like our reading units, our math segment includes teaching videos to better serve children who learn better by hearing instruction.